Responsibilities and Duties

  • Inspect various sections of the establishment, from the bathrooms to the bar itself, to ensure safety, patrols the restaurant from time to time to look for any threats to the bar's security, identifies rowdy patrons and ejects them from the establishment, if they are a nuisance to other patrons and monitors the bar occupancy to ensure it doesn't exceed maximum capacity.
  • Inspects the identification of patrons to prevent underage individuals from entering, monitors entrances and exits and ensures that individuals who have been barred do not get into the establishment.
  • Resolve conflicts and restrains anyone who gets into a fight, takes care of patrons' welfare -- for instance, by summoning taxis for them on request.


    • Required to be physically fit. The security guard is also expected to be always mentally alert to quickly spot any disturbance on the premises.
    • Ability to remain calm and focused during high stress situations.
    • Strong communication skills and ability to deescalate.